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Advanced Strategies for Website Personalization

Advanced Strategies for Website Personalization

How Executives are Implementing Personalization in Their Marketing and Web Strategy

May 17, 2017 - 1:00 pm EST

Whether you're new to website personalization or a seasoned marketer, these step-by-step techniques will show you how to increase conversions and enhance your customers' experience by using customer data such as recent searches and URL history to dynamically insert content customized for your audience.


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In this session, you will learn the following:

  • The difference between segmentation and personalization
  • How agile affects when and how you implement personalization
  • What tools can you use to implement personalization in your strategy

You will also learn the following:

  • How to create a step-by-step personalization strategy as part of a redesign or optimization plan


Additionally, we will show you how you can use this information with the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to improve conversions on your website. To get registered, simply fill out and submit the form. A confirmation will be sent directly to your inbox.


Meet The Presenter: C. Ray Harvey, Director of Strategic Services

CH-1.jpgC.Ray likes to figure things out and he likes to do it in a hurry. Over the past eight years and through past lives as a copywriter, project manager, and business analyst, he has worked to engage Aptera’s clients and quickly design solutions for their businesses. He has a passion for defining process and finding consensus. When he isn’t working to speedily find solutions for Aptera or its clients, C. Ray spends his time on neighborhood walks with his fiancé and their son or composing music in his garage.




Meet The MC: Derek Laliberte, Director of Brand Engagement


Derek is a sucker for great story. He is always seeking inspiration from books, blogs, movies, or whatever he can get his hands on which is probably how Derek ended up as Aptera’s Director of Brand Engagement. Over the past 15 years, Derek has spent the majority of his career in sales, aligning Aptera’s solutions with the objectives of his clients,  sitting on the same side of the table to better understand why a client needs something rather than what they need. At his very core, Derek is a family man but when he isn’t playing catch with his kids he’s volunteering on one of the many boards or committees he serves on.




Bonus for Attending:

Website Personalization Worksheet 


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Progress Sitefinity



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