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Automated Testing Event

Presented by aptera


Automated Testing Event


About this Event Recording

Automated testing can help your organization release software faster while simultaneously improving quality. While the technical aspects of automated testing are easy to understand, figuring out how to fit automated testing into your company’s development process can be difficult. This Aptera event will help you understand how to successfully introduce automated testing into your organization.


This event covered the following topics:

  • Overview of automated testing and technologies
  • Role of automated testing in DevOps and continuous integration
  • How to introduce automated testing in your organization
    • Deciding what to test and how much
    • Creating the automation engineer role
    • Applying automated testing to new projects vs. existing code
    • Measuring quality and testing effectiveness
  • Real-world examples of applying automated testing to software


Automated Testing Tools that will be highlighted:

  • SpecFlow (Cucumber)
  • Selenium
  •  Jasmine
  • NUnit
  • FakeItEasy



Jon FazzaroJon Fazzaro   twitter
Software Architect, Aptera  

Jon took this whole nerd thing pro back at the turn of the century, and has been slinging code with Aptera since 2008. He holds an MCSD, a PSM, a PSD, a PSPO, and is a BMF besides. These days, he may or may not be unhealthily consumed with building sustainable software, and with building teams that build sustainable software. Whatever you do, don’t follow @jonfazzaro on Twitter.


Matt NoggleMatt Noggle   twitterlinkedin
Software, Cloud & Infrastructure Practice Leader, Aptera  

Matt has devoted the past 4+ years to improving teams through applied leadership. Matt is very passionate about the convergence of business, technology, and people. A family guy at the core, Matt enjoys molding the minds of his 3 wonderful kids (and to a much lesser extent his wife), reading leadership books, staying current with technology, listening to technology and leadership podcasts, and brewing/consuming craft beers.


Dan SullivanDan Sullivan  linkedin
Quality Assurance Analyst, Aptera 

Dan has worked at Aptera for two years. Starting as a Web Content Specialist, he moved onto the Quality Assurance team and has enhanced his knowledge in testing by writing automated tests for a variety of clients since. He is an Automated UI testing evangelist for Aptera's QA team, a ISTQB Certified Tester, and dedicates his time to also improving software quality. He enjoys reading technology blogs, watching the "big game" (@DSul26 on Twitter will undoubtedly confirm this), and one you've never heard before – he actually likes spending time with family and friends.


Rob SandozRob Sandoz
Quality Assurance Practice Leader, Aptera

Rob has been evangelizing software quality for almost 15 years, 4 of them at Aptera. Prior to Aptera, Rob was testing and implementing custom financial software across the country. An ISTQB Certified Tester now, he is currently working on his Test Manager certification so that he can better lead his growing team of diverse testers. When not evangelizing quality he can usally be found testing or following the latest testing trends.



Also included in the recording:

Aptera offered a hands-on workshop for creating automated functional tests. Attendees had the opportunity to write several automated tests for a web application.



Watch the Recording From the Automated Testing Event