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Embracing the Endless Cycle: From Overplanned and Underperforming Websites to Agile Approach with Results-Driven Design

Your website is your business’s face to the world. It’s your chief go-between with your customers, full-time salesperson, and PR representative.

In the Digital Age, your business’s success hinges on the quality, messaging, and functionality of your website, so it’s no wonder you get caught in never-ending brainstorming sessions as you plan and design new websites, only to find that the website's performance still doesn't improve. 

We are guessing if you’re considering this e-book you’ve been caught up in this endless—endlessly frustrating—cycle once or twice before. But bear with us because we're going to suggest something counterintuitive: the mistake isn’t in getting trapped in the endless cycle. The mistake is in not repeating the cycle often enough! 

Are you taken back by this statement? Don't worry this e-book will help clarify. Inside you will find:

  • An introduction to the endless cycle
  • A subtle shift in rethinking the web design process
  • The agile revolution in web design and marketing
  • Agile web development
  • The Results-Driven Design process

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